Safety On Point - Products

View the range of products designed to address the safety concerns raised on this site.

  1. Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection & Infusion Set
    The Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection & Infusion Set handles delicate venous blood draws, utilizing a safety feature activated with a simple one or two handed technique.
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  2. The Hypodermic Needle-Pro® EDGE Fixed Needle TB Syringe
    The Hypodermic Needle-Pro® EDGE Fixed Needle TB Syringe provides injection safety and is available with 25, 26, and 27g needles fixed to 1 mL TB syringes.
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  3. The Needle-Pro® EDGE Safety Device Insulin Syringe
    Needle device provides insulin syringe safety with a detachable needle and is available with 26g and 27g, needles attached to 1.0 mL U-100 Luer slip insulin syringes.
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  4. Venipuncture Needle-Pro Device
    The Venipuncture Needle-Pro® device is designed to protect clinicians from exposure to contaminated blood collection needles. The holder-based safety device provides protection on both ends and prevents holder re-use, assuring compliance with OSHA directives.
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  5. ViaValve Safety IV Catheter
    ViaValve Safety IV Catheter provides blood control to help reduce the risk of blood exposure and contamination. A unique valve inside the catheter hub impedes blood flow from the patient’s vein upon initial venipuncture. Maintaining a clean access site, helps prevent the transfer of bloodborne pathogens from patient to caregiver on soiled gloves, clothing, bedding and dressings. The catheter, once in the patient’s vein, is activated by attaching the Luer fitting of an infusion line which opens the valve to allow unrestricted flow. ViaValve Safety IV Catheter also helps prevent unintended needlesticks. Its safety guard surrounds the retracted introducer needle and produces a “click” to indicate that the needle is contained for handling and disposal.
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