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View the range of products designed to address the safety concerns raised on this site.

  1. Blunt Fill Needle
    Getting your fill just got a whole lot easier. Introducing the new Blunt Fill Needle from ICU Medical, maker of Needle-Pro® and EDGE Safety Hypodermics and Syringe Combinations.
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  2. GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needles
    We developed the GRIPPER PLUS® needle by carefully listening to you and understanding your needs. You told us that safe, effective needlestick protection was critical for your safety and that comfort was important to your patients. And you want a needle to be very easy to learn and use, and every bit as reliable and familiar as the proven GRIPPER® Needle.
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  3. Hypodermic Needle-Pro® EDGE Safety Device
    ICU Medical is a leader in the innovation of needle safety devices that meets clinical expectations and provides cost-effective, safety-engineered solutions to needle safety requirements. Hospital policy and federal directives today demand accurate, efficient, cost saving measures combining patient and heathcare worker safety in the fast-paced clinical environment ICU Medical has responded to these needs by advancing its Hypodermic Needle-Pro® Edge needle safety device to incorporate features that give the clinician an important edge when it comes to safety, convenience, and cost-efficiency.
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  4. Jelco IntuitIV Safety Catheter
    Jelco IntuitIV Safety IV Catheter is a passive safety device, because its safety mechanism activates automatically upon removing the guide needle from the patient’s blood vessel. A cylindrical tip protector encapsulates the tip to help prevent the sharp point from coming in contact with anyone other than the patient; offering a solution that helps to keep clinicians and healthcare workers safe from needlestick injury and the potentially detrimental consequences.
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  5. Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles
    Hypodermic Needle-Pro® devices are available for a wide range of clinical applications involving hypodermic needles including: medication delivery via syringe injections or TB testing, immunizations, insulin injections, allergy testing, delivery of pain medication and local anesthetics. Hypodermic Needle-Pro® devices are available in needle gauge sizes 18-30g and in needle lengths 1/2" to 1 1/2".
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  6. ICU Medical-Point-Lok® Device
    Point-Lok® devices provide effective protection for needles that do not have an integral engineered sharps injury protection (ESIP) device. It is available separately, or can be packaged in arterial blood sampling kits, pain management and other procedural trays.
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  7. Portex® Arterial Blood Sampling Kits
    Compatible with Multi-parameter Analyzers Balanced Heparin Provides Consistent Analytical Results One Patient Sample Yields Full Panel of Analyzer Outputs Pro-Vent® Arterial Blood Sampling Syringe with EDGE safety and Filter-Pro® air bubble removal device Large venting filter media for quick filling to minimize patient discomfort Portex® Line Draw Plus Syringes with Filter-Pro® air bubble removal device Needleless blood sampling directly from an arterial line Pulsator® Plus Arterial Blood Gas Syringes with EDGESafety and Filter-Pro® air bubble removal device Self filling syringes collects sample via arterial pressure
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  8. Pro-Vent® Plus (1)
    Pro-Vent® Plus 3 mL Arterial Blood Sampling syringes utilize lithium heparin with a concentration of 23.5 I.U. per mL. The specially formulated dry lithium heparin provides the necessary anticoagulation along with minimal interference for more accurate and consistent results. The syringes are available with a broad choice of product features.
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  9. PROTECTIV Safety IV Catheters
    The PROTECTIV® and PROTECTIV® PLUS Safety I. V. Catheters pioneered the movement to innovative safety design that protect the healthcare worker from the risks associated with accidental needlestick injuries. For more than a decade, PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheters have been the trusted choice of healthcare professionals. It's easy to see why. PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheter offers distinct product safety features, with documented results that prove its success in reducing accidental needlesticks. Most importantly, the choice of catheter materials, FEP polymer and radiopaque polyurethane, and needlepoint design of the PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheter eases conversion to safety. Product Features Compatible with customary technique Documented results proven to reduce accidental needlesticks Universal color coded to indicate catheter gauge at a glance
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  10. Pulsator® Plus
    Pulsator® Plus 3 mL arterial blood sampling syringes utilize lithium heparin with a concentration of 23.5 I.U. per mL. The specially formulated dry lithium heparin provides the necessary anticoagulation along with minimal interference with electrolyte values, for more accurate and consistent results. The syringes are available with a choice of product features.
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  11. Saf-T Holder® Devices
    Saf-T Holder® devices come with the back-end needle and multi-sample Luer permanently attached to the holder to eliminate potential exposures and holder re-use, they also provide easy needless transfer after a syringe draw. * Not available in Canada
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  12. Safe-T-Lance Safety Lancets
    Safe-T-Lance Plus Safety Lancets provide retractable safety technology for capillary blood sampling. Automatic retraction reduces needlestick injuries and cross-contamination exposure while providing a quick, gentle puncture. The needle is shielded before and after use.
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