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IOSH reward workplace health and safety

October 28, 2013

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has held its annual awards to recognise a number of companies that are leading the field when it comes to ensuring health and safety in the workplace.

It aims to promote and reward businesses across the world who have made significant efforts to ensure that workplace injuries are minimised. The IOSH awards recognised companies that have innovated the field, as well as business that have made great progress.

A number of firms were celebrated at the organisation's award ceremony including West Midlands Fire Service, which was given the best achievement in public services accolade. Uno Buses and AFI Uplift were also recognised by IOSH as they were selected for the campaign and innovation awards respectively.

Jan Chmiel, IOSH chief executive, said that the shortlist for the awards was "impressive" and demonstrated the great lengths that companies are going to in a bid to ensure that workplace safety is a top concern in business.

He said that this dedication was apparent across multiple sectors to try and reduce "work-related injuries and ill health". Mr Chimiel continued to explain that this year's shortlist was particularly fierce, meaning that the victors had managed a  tremendous achievement.

The news comes as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has said that, in order to make workplaces a safe environment for all employees, safety professionals must work with the business community.

It hopes that this will encourage accident prevention measures, as well as reducing the costs to the NHS and deliver public health targets. The latter was the subject of RoSPA's sixth Allan St John Holt Memorial Lecture, held at Birmingham's prestigious NEC.

Tom Mullarkey, chief executive of RoSPA, said: "We see that health and safety is besieged on all sides by critics who cannot, or will not, engage with these serious issues and instead seek to deride this vital contribution to society; so it is time to come out fighting."

However, Mr Mullarkey recognised that the problems associated with accidental injury and ill-health are rapidly growing on a global basis. He added that health and safety professionals need to educate communities about the best ways to keep people safe and healthy. In order to do this, these companies needs to rethink their image, according to the RoSPA official.

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