CDC expands safe needle practice

March 20, 2014

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested that bad practice is often present when healthcare workers are giving injections as the area is often overlooked. It has urged organisations to encourage staff to observe the necessary safety measures to avoid needlestick injuries and infection outbreaks.

The body issued its warning after thousands of patients had to be notified that they could have potentially been exposed to blood-borne pathogens because best practice was not observed in US healthcare organisations since 2001.

In order to better protect patients and healthcare workers from this ongoing problem, the CDC Foundation is partnering with Eli Lilly and Company to support and expand CDC’s Safe Injection Practices Coalition.

The group brings a number of public health, medical and industry organisations together to raise awareness with patients and healthcare workers about the best practice when it comes to handling needles for injections.

The CDC's expansion of the Safe Injection Practices Coalition will see its One & Only Campaign delivered to more people in the sector. The initiative is an injection safety awareness campaign, which provides educational tools for healthcare providers, as well as patients themselves. 

The new partnership will focus on continuing to deliver this education to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and contracting infections for patients and healthcare workers, as well as empowering patients to speak up if they feel best practice isn't being observed.

Funding will also support the inclusion of social media in the campaign, with several channels such as YouTube and Facebook being used to spread the message.  

Through this three-year partnership with Lilly, CDC aims to expand the One & Only Campaign to reach new audiences such as individual and group-owned practices, as well as educating healthcare providers with new and enhanced training materials to address emerging issues.

It also wants to improve the Safe Injection Practices Coalition website and social media platforms to ensure that resources and toolkits can be easily shared with these new audiences, while also engaging new and existing Safe Injection Practices Coalition partners.

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