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Product in View: ABS Syringe

June 26, 2014

Many professionals in the healthcare sector know that having access to the right equipment is key to ensuring the best quality care is delivered. However, when workers are handling medical sharps, having the correct instruments also reduces the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, which guarantees the safety of employees.

Smiths Medical prides itself with being able to deliver the highest-quality medical devices to healthcare workers. When needles are an integral part of an instrument, it becomes paramount that safety is a top concern in the design and concept of the device.

One of Smiths Medical's latest products is its Portex Pro-Vent and Portex Pulsator Arterial Blood Sampling (ABS) syringes, which have been released across the EU. The devices are the latest addition to the leading global medical device manufacturer's line of EDGETM Safety Device technology instruments.

These products all incorporate a fully integrated, simple method that protects both clinicians and patients from percutaneous injuries. As the product is categorised as an active device, the user must manually activate the safety feature to protect the healthcare worker. Both the Portex Pro-Vent and Portex Pulsator ABS syringes comply with international guidelines from NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) as an audible click is heard when the safety mechanism is in place.

This makes the device the safest for healthcare workers to use when treating patients and means it can be safely disposed of in a sharps container. By using the EDGE safety device technology, both the Portex Pro-Vent Plus with EDGETM and the Portex Pulsator Plus with EDGETM now reduce the risk of needlestick injuries in the workplace.

It also makes it easier to use for professionals in the healthcare sector as it is simple to implement the safety device and can be done with one hand, while the needle gauges come colour-coded to make it easy to pick the right instrument.

Smiths Medical offers three ABS syringes, all with the FilterPro air bubble to further protect healthcare workers from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. 

Compatible with multi-parameter analysers
A recent study conducted by Smiths Medical found that the most common blood gas syringe types are compatible with multi-parameter analysers commonly on the market. The research was initiated as there was a lack of evidence to support this theory, as previous studies have questioned the reliability of the analyte readings from different heparin-coated syringes.

The prospective, single-center, randomised, post-market study analysed fresh venous blood from healthy volunteers, with a purpose of confirming that all of the syringes tested provide consistent readings when using multi-parameter analysers most commonly used in hospital laboratories. 

As well as Smiths Medical's Portex Line Draw Plus, two other syringes from different manufacturers were used in the study to give the results a neutral and broad perspective. There were also three types of multi-parameter analysers used from three different manufacturers.

Samples were run through the respective analyser in a randomised order, taking into consideration the facility’s procedures and the manufacturer’s instructions. All clinicians were over 18 and certified phlebotomist with at least one year of experience performing blood draws to ensure no errors were made by the healthcare worker.

For each of the analytes that were tested in the samples, the values from each of the three syringe types were compared for each multi-parameter analyser. Average values for each analyte per subject, syringe and analyser were used for the comparison of syringes for each analyser. 

A total of four clinicians and 25 healthy volunteer subjects participated in the study, with 49 venipunctures being performed. Although there was slight variability between the syringes, the team considered these to be modest mean differences and therefore unlikely to impact clinical decision-making. 

Results of the study con?rm that all syringes tested provide consistent results when tested on each of the three analysers. Although statistical differences were noted for two of the syringes, they were not clinically relevant.

Greater awareness 
Shrikant Rahalkar, vice president of global product management at Safety Solution, said the recent safety legislation enactment in the EU has "created greater awareness and demand" for safety devices to keep clinicians safe.

"Incorporating EDGETM needle safety technology into our ABS blood sampling syringes provides an additional level of protection for patients as well as clinicians.”

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