Product in View: ViaValve safety IV catheter

July 15, 2014

For professionals working in the healthcare sector, it's important the right equipment is on hand in order to make sure each procedure is conducted safely and to the highest standard. However, when medical sharps and needlesticks are commonplace, having safety devices on hand can substantially reduce the risk of suffering a percutaneous injury.

This means that employers can guarantee the safety of all of their members of staff, saving the organisation hassle and financial obligations.

One of the leading safety devices on the market is Smiths Medical's peripheral intravenous catheter. Designed to reduce risk of infection and cross contamination caused by blood exposure during IV procedures, the instrument meets the highest standards of quality in the US and Europe.

The ViaValve safety IV catheter 
The whole purpose of safety devices is that they reduce the chance of healthcare workers contracting diseases or infections through blood borne pathogens in bodily fluids. The ViaValve catheter makes procedures safer for staff in two ways: by reducing the risk of blood exposure and the needlestick injury itself.

The ViaValve safety IV catheter features an integrated valve within the device itself, making it far less likely that the member of staff completing the procedure will be exposed to blood. The valve provides blood control by preventing the backflow of blood from the patient’s vein when inserting the device. This helps to prevent the transfer of blood borne pathogens from patient to caregiver on soiled gloves, clothing, bedding and dressings by ensuring that the access site remains clean.

Smiths Medical's instrument is also able to prevent inadvertent needlesticks. It is estimated that around 800,000 healthcare workers in hospitals suffer these injuries each year in the US, while 100,000 experience percutaneous injuries in the UK.

For nearly 20 years, Smiths Medical’s Jelco safety IV catheters have provided needlestick protection consistent with legislation driven by the US Needlestick Safety and Prevention ACT and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) bloodborne pathogens standards. 

Gaining clearance from the FDA means the ViaValveTM Safety IV Catheter is able to meet the standards of healthcare professionals across the US, and further establishes its high standard of safety for workers involved in blood control procedures. 

Smiths Medical, a leading medical expert, is pleased to add the ViaValve safety IV catheter to its comprehensive range of safety devices. 

Tommy Johns, vice president global product management, said the instrument is one of the few devices to offer a solution that is able to help reduce bloodborne infections during IV starts.

“The ViaValve safety IV catheter is the latest advancement in IV safety, and is built on the proven Jelco catheter platform that has been a favourite of clinicians for almost two decades. It is our objective to produce innovative medical products with the purpose of promoting patient, clinician and healthcare worker safety while supporting the best possible clinical outcome," added Mr Johns.

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