Free support kit to prevent healthcare injuries

July 30, 2014

Reducing needlestick injuries is a financially and morally important objective for healthcare workers across the world, but having the resources at hand to introduce measures to reduce the risk can be difficult for organisations. 

The dangers of needlestick and medical sharps, and the steps that can be taken to prevent them, have been highlighted with the launch of a new initiative. 

A new support kit has been created by a non-profit website to try and reduce the number of injuries in the healthcare environment. The package includes a number of useful tools for those working in the sector, along with patients themselves, to reduce the risk of suffering injuries. It also contains useful tips on how to introduce a prevention programme for organisations, and how to sustain this high standard in the long term.

The 'Facility Support Kit' has a number of tools including assessment guides for conducting facility self-assessments and advice about how to best organise a team, which is a vital skill for those working within the healthcare sector.

Other factors, such as changing the culture of the workplace, are also introduced in the helpful kit as this is a major factor affecting many healthcare organisations across the globe.

Hans Sigvardsson, president of Handicare US, said that healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing sector of the US economy,  and employs an estimated 17 million workers.

Developed by Handicare US, the initiative was launched to help address the problem of a growing number of injuries in the sector, with the vast majority being preventable, according to Mr. Sigvardsson. The goal for the firm is to make 'no injuries' a reality for patients, caregivers, and others, while he noted that the kit is just one element of the initiative.

The website itself features up-to-date news, educational materials, easy-to-implement tips, as well as the tools and resources needed throughout the workplace. It also highlights six critical hazard areas: Patient Handling; Sharps and Sticks; Infections; Slips and Falls; Workplace Violence; and Patient Safety.

The kit is available to download here.

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