ICU Medical Commitment

Designed for Safety

When it comes to needle safety, muscle memory and consistency are key. ICU Medical is the only medical device company to offer a single activation method across hypodermics, blood collection, and arterial blood sampling products.

Video: Needle-Pro® Safety Device Activation

Our Needle-Pro® safety devices are designed to reduce the risk of potential needlesticks through:

Single-Hand Activation

Needlesticks are more likely to happen to the non-dominant hand. With Needle-Pro® safety devices, all you need is one hand to easily engage the safety feature.

Keeping Hands Behind Exposed Needle

Needle-Pro® safety activation does not require any portion of the clinicians hand to move towards the exposed sharp. Smith Medical’s design is compliant with NIOSH/CDC recommended characteristics for safety devices.

Visual and Audible Confirmation

Besides easy visual confirmation, the Needle-Pro® safety activation provides an audible “click” to clinicians to assist in indicating when safety feature is engaged.

Permanent Activation

Once activated, the Needle-Pro® safety device remains fully protected and cannot be deactivated, protecting clinicians from needlesticks.

Engineered For Quality

At ICU Medical we engineer all of our products for quality. Our single use components are no exception and are engineered down to the smallest detail in order to provide safe outcomes for clinicians and patients.

Peripheral IV Catheters

Minimizing exposure to infection risks is essential to reduce PIVC patient complications. The ViaValve® PIVC integrated valve was engineered to control the backflow of blood and as a result is less prone to BioFilm formation on internal surfaces compared to other PIVCs.

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Arterial Blood Sampling

When it comes to quality ABG sampling, ICU Medical is the US market leader. Our ABG kits are engineered with an exclusive heparin coating that allows the dissolving of blood to begin immediately upon contact as the syringe fills, minimizing clotting prior to reading.

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Blood Collection

Blood exposure and needlesticks are potential hazards for clinicians when doing blood collection. ICU Medical Saf-T Wing® blood collection sets are quality designed for in vein safety activation, which minimizes unnecessary blood and needle exposure to clinicians.

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Recapping of needles significantly increases the risk of clinician needlesticks. ICU Medical engineered our TB and Insulin hypodermics with detachable needle offerings to be compliant for facility no recapping policies and to reduce the occurrence of needlesticks.

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Made for Everyone

One size doesn’t always fit all, that’s why ICU Medical offers sharps products made for a variety of patient needs in mind.

Closed System Catheters

Taking care of the most delicate patients requires precision and the right tools. For neonates and patients with fragile veins, catheter size is an issue. That’s why ICU Medical created the DeltaVen® safety catheter with a 26 gauge offering, the smallest safety catheter available in the US.

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When it comes to injections, a variety of hypodermic needle gauge and lengths are needed in order to accommodate different patients types and applications. ICU Medical offers the broadest hypodermic selection for clinicians to help ensure the appropriate needle sizeis available to achieve the right outcome.

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Safety Lancets

Drawing safe, quality capillary blood samples is important for all ages. In addition to our adult Saf-T-Lance® safety lancets,  ICU Medical offers specialized safety lancets for newborn metabolic screenings. The NeoHeel™ safety lancet allows for blood sampling that can help reduce infant crying and allow for the conservation of neonatal energy that is vital for growth.

Discover What Makes ICU Medical Sharps Different

At ICU Medical we design our sharps and needles with the clinicians and patients well-being in mind.