Understanding Anesthetic Delivery Systems - White Paper

Knowing the functions of the anesthetic delivery system is extremely important in using them appropriately. When malfunctions occur, knowing the anesthetic delivery components will help in troubleshooting the system. The anesthetic delivery system consists of four parts: 1) Gas source, 2) Anesthetic machine, 3) Breathing system, and 4) Scavenging system. The functions of the anesthetic delivery system are to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases, to remove CO2 from the breathing system, to allow for ventilation (manual or mechanical) and to scavenge waste gases.

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  1. CDS 9000 Small Animal Anesthesia Machine - Pole Mount

    Common features of the small animal anesthesia machine include a pop-off valve designed to interface with an active waste gas evacuation system and maintain a passively full rebreathing bag; a non-rebreathing outlet port; and 200 ml to four liter O2 flowmeter. It has an easy, quick change absorber canister.

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  2. Enviro-Pure® Charcoal Canister

    Enviro-Pure® Charcoal Canister. Designed to absorb waste anesthetic gas

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  3. LDS 3000 Large Animal Anesthesia Machine

    This machine is ideal for animals that weigh over 250 pounds. Tapered valves allow for quick connections of the hoses and bag. Stack Valve design reduces resistance by decreasing the distance air must travel. Pop-off valve is designed to interface with an active waste gas evacuation system and maintain a passively full rebreathing bag.

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  4. Multi-Station Lab Animal Anesthesia Machine

    Ideal for research. Multiple patients can be anesthetized at the same time. Each station can be controlled individually.

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  5. Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent

    Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent is specifically formulated to prevent the degradation of anesthesia gases that can lead to problematic byproducts, and has a permanent color change when absorbent is exhausted.

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  6. SOMNI 3 Vaporizers

    SOMNI 3 Vaporizers are built with optimal patient care in mind. It is essential that the vaporizer components are manufactured from materials that have a known thermal conductivity. This design improves the consistency of vapor delivered and reduces risk to the patient.

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  7. AES Gas Evacuation System

    The AES Gas Evacuation System safely removes waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia. Waste gas is collected by passive flow to the AES, then is actively pushed up to 150 feet.

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  8. Anesthesia and Ventilator Cart

    The durable anesthesia and ventilator cart is constructed of heavy gauge black powder coated steel. Five-inch caster wheels make the cart balanced and mobile. The cart is ideal for the LDS 3000 Large Animal Anesthesia Machine and DHV1000 Large Animal Ventilator. Optional shelf is available.

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  9. Anesthesia Detection Badge

    Anesthesia Detection Badge. Test your facility for overexposure of anesthetic gas.

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  10. Anesthesia Masks

    Durable polycarbonate anesthesia masks are ideal for a variety of patients.

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  11. Anesthetic Anti-Spill Adapter

    Helps to minimize the loss of agent when filling a funnel style vaporizer.

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  12. Anesthetic Key Filler

    Designed to be used exclusively with key fill vaporizers. Agent specific adapter that prevents the inadvertent mixing of agents.

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