Neoheel Safety Lancets Sell Sheet - German

Neoheel™ Safety Lancets Sell Sheet - German

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  1. Neoheel Safety Lancets

    The Neoheel safety lancet is used to collect quality blood samples from infants for metabolic screening as well as glucose and other tests.

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  2. Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection and Infusion Set

    The Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection & Infusion Set handles delicate venous blood draws, using a safety feature activated with a simple technique using either one or two hands.

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  3. SOL-CARE Safety Blood Collection Needle

    SOL-CARE Safety Blood Collection Needles are available with or without pre-attached holder. Each device features a simple safety mechanism that should be activated immediately after blood withdrawal is complete, thereby reducing the risk of needlestick injury.

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  4. Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles

    Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles from ICU Medical are available in a wide range of sizes and can be used with Venipuncture Needle-Pro® safety holders.

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  5. Safe-T-Lance ® Safety Lancets

    Safe-T-Lance Safety Lancets from ICU Medical provide retractable safety technology for capillary blood sampling. Automatic retraction reduces needlestick injuries and cross-contamination exposure while providing a quick, gentle puncture.

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  6. Saf-T Holder® Devices

    Saf-T Holder® devices from ICU Medical come with the back-end needle and multi-sample Luer permanently attached to the holder to eliminate potential exposures and holder re-use.

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  7. Venipuncture Needle-Pro® Safety Device

    The Venipuncture Needle-Pro® device from ICU Medical is designed to protect clinicians from exposure to contaminatd blood collection needles.

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