DeltaVen Brochure - English Canadian

Brochure highlighting the features of the DeltaVen Closed System Catheter in English for the Canadian market

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  1. DeltaVen® Closed System Catheter

    The DeltaVen® closed system catheter is the only catheter designed to meet the unique needs of the smallest veins when critical care is needed.

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  2. ViaValve® Safety IV Catheters

    The ViaValve® Safety IV Catheter provides needle safety on two levels; it helps to reduce blood exposure and contamination, in addition to helping prevent needlesticks injuries.

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  3. ACUVANCE® Safety I.V. Catheters

    This safety I.V. catheter has the comfortable feel of a conventional peripheral intravenous catheter, with passive needle safety help reduce needlestick injuries.

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  4. Jelco® Seriva IV Catheters

    The Jelco® Seriva IV Catheter series is available in a number of straight or sideport configurations offering clinicians greater choice and additional treatment options.

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  5. Line Draw Arterial Blood Sampling Kits

    Line Draw Plus aspirating syringes, with lithium heparin allow for blood sampling directly from an arterial line. The syringes use an advanced formula of dry lithium heparin for consistent and accurate readings.

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  6. PROTECTIV® Safety I.V. Catheters

    The PROTECTIV® range of Safety I. V. Catheters are designed to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries. The needlepoint design eases conversion to safety I.V. catheters.

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  7. Pro-Vent® Plus 3 mL – Dry Lithium Heparin

    Pro-Vent® Plus 3 mL Arterial Blood Sampling syringes use a specially formulated dry lithium heparin to provide the necessary anticoagulation along with minimal interference for more accurate and consistent results.

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