Level 1® Convective Warmer

Quiet. Simple. Safe.

The convective warmer draws ambient temperature air through a HEPA air filter. The filtered air is warmed to a selected temperature.

The safety circuit provides an independent means to discontinue power to the heater. This design prevents exposing the patient to excessive temperatures, while continuously monitoring over and under temperature alarms for each setting.


Surgery is stressful; our convective warmer is designed to put you and your patients at ease before, during and after a procedure.

  • The warmer’s sound level is <42dBA


With no calibration required, the intuitive design allows you to focus on the patient while maintaining normothermia.

  • With the push of a button, you are maintaining patient normothermia


The convective warmer provides precise temperature management to help keep the patient safe and comfortable.

  • Precise temperature settings controlled within +/- 1°C
  • Over-temperature alerts at each set point (37°C, 40°C and 43°C)
Product Specifications

Convective Warmer

Product Code Description Units per Case
L1-CW-120V 110-127V, 50/60 Hz 1
L1-Hose Replacement Hose 1
L1-Cart Cart/Trolley 1
L1-Shelf Cart/Trolley Storage Shelf 1
L1-Filter Replacement Filter 10
L1-Clamp IV Pole Clamp 1
Power Cord
Replacement Sheet Clip
Replacement Cord Wrap

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