HOTLINE® Fluid Warmer

The HOTLINE® fluid warmer can be used for heating both IV fluids and blood during general anesthesia. A recirculating solution keeps blood or fluid warm all the way to the patient.

  • The patented patient line with triple lumen tubing maintains a layer of 107.6° F circulating solution around IV line
  • Keeps blood and fluids warm between 95-105° F
  • Reduces patient line cool down
  • Dedicated temperature check device to calibrate the temperature set point
  • Maintenance up to 12 months depending on recirculating solution used at the facility
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Can be mounted to an IV pole
  • 1 year warranty
Product Specifications

Hotline® Fluid Warmer

Reorder Code Description
Hotline® Fluid Warmer 
Replacement warming set (kits of 30)
Hotline® Repair Kit
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