Recovery Oxygen Masks

Dual vents and a rubber mounted 22 mm oxygen adapter enable unrestricted inhalation and exhalation of air. The durable mask is made of polycarbonate.

Product Benefits

  • Supplied with 7 ft oxygen tubing
  • 22 mm oxygen adapter
  • Ideal for rescue operations
  • Latex free
Product Specifications

Recovery Oxygen Masks

Reorder Code Description
Small canine recovery mask/Medium Pet Oxygen Mask (3”H x 3.5”W)
Large canine recovery mask/Large Pet Oxygen Mask (4.5”H x 5.5”W)
Feline recovery mask/Small Pet Oxygen Mask (2.5"H x 3.75" W)
Red Carry Case
V7148 Family
Recovery/Pet Oxygen Mask Kit (includes one of each mask)

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