Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Pulse oximetry sensors work exceptionally well on pink perfused tissue such as a patient’s tongue, toe webbing, vulva, prepuce, or ventral tail base.
Product Specifications

Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Reorder Code Description Features
V1700 Reflectance Sensor The reflectance sensor can be applied to the ventral tail base of a patient and secured with a cohesive bandage. For cats and dogs, if the sensor is inserted rectally the red light should be shining on the sphincter muscle.
V1703 Universal “Y” Sensor The universal “Y” sensor is designed to be used on areas of thicker tissue. It is the standard clip used in most small animal practices.
V1707 “C” Sensor The “C” sensor is perfect for cats, dogs, and horses. The sensor should be placed on the thigh, metatarsal, or metacarpal for smaller patients. The sensor should be placed over the achilles tendon, tongue, prepuce, vulva, or through the toe webbing on large patients.
V3078 Mini Clip Sensor The mini clip sensor can be used on a variety of animals ranging in size, but is ideal for small dogs, cats and some exotics.

Replacement Clips

Reorder Code Description Features
10 “C” clip replacement For use with the V1707
1 universal “Y” clip replacement For use with the V1703

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