Veterinary Products

Maintaining and improving the health and welfare of large and small companion animals and livestock requires a range of devices and equipment. ICU Medical offers systems for vital signs monitoring, anesthesia delivery, and ventilation, and devices for airway management, fluid administration, reproduction, wound care, urology and gastroenterology.

Other Monitoring

  1. Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor Accessories

    The Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor is the leading choice in multi-parameter monitoring. With its large, easy-to-read display and intuitive design, the Advisor® vital signs monitor is available in multiple configurations.

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  2. Agent Calibration

    Agent calibration gas canister. Calibration gas regulator. Calibration adapter

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  3. Airway Adapters

    For use with CO2 and respiration monitors.

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  4. Battery Eliminator

    Only for use with V8401 and V8401D.

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  5. Cardio Companion

    The Cardio Companion is a device used to monitor core body temperature and ECG via an esophageal lead. Compatible with most ECG lead wires. Works with the Advisor® vital signs monitor and the V3404 series (except temp).

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  6. CO2 Accessories

    CO2 Accessories

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  7. CO2 Calibration

    CO2 Calibration

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  8. CO2 Monitor Exhaust Kit

    This kit will allow waste gas scavenging for CO2 monitors.

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  9. Hand Held Pulse Oximeter V1030

    Digital pulse oximetry with SAC technology. Perfect for low perfusion and/or higher motion situation

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  10. Handheld Capnograph

    Sidestream technology for application with intubated and non-intubated patients

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  11. Monitor Wall Mounting Options

    For use in areas where space is limited.

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  12. Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuffs

    Fits patients comfortably because of a 360° bladder that eliminates pinching. The 360° bladder also eliminates the need to align an arrow/mark over an artery. The durable cuffs can withstand 10,000 inflations to 200 mmHg and are machine washable.

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