Mangum Infusion Set

The Mangum™ micro delivery sets are designed to enable primary IV administration of metered infusion from a Medfusion® syringe pump.

Ordering Information

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Product Benefits

  • Universal vented/non-vented bag spikes are readily compatible with either bottle or bag.
  • Sets have a built-in safety feature, a 90 degree turning radius stopcock, to eliminate the possibility of free flow to the patient.
  • Small bore tubing available for low-volume infusions.
Product Specifications

Mangum™ Infusion Set

Reorder Code Description
MX448FMG Small bore detachable extension set with 0.2 micron filter, 3.0 mL volume, 74” length
MX448L60MG Small bore detachable extension set, 2.5 mL volume, 69” length
MX5096020MG Small bore detachable extension set for use with 1 cc syringe, 0.5 mL volume, 68” length
MX536020MGIL Micro bore detachable extension set, 1.3 mL volume, 68” length

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