Veterinary Products

Maintaining and improving the health and welfare of large and small companion animals and livestock requires a range of devices and equipment. ICU Medical offers systems for vital signs monitoring, anesthesia delivery, and ventilation, and devices for airway management, fluid administration, reproduction, wound care, urology and gastroenterology.

Featured Critical Care Consumables

  1. C-Fusor® Pressure Infusor

    The crystal clear material allows for maximum visibility of fluid levels. It features an accurate and easy to read pressure gauge, quick, secure fastening and a large squeeze bulb for rapid and reliable pressure control.

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  2. Clear-Cuff® Pressure Infusor

    The Clear-Cuff® Pressure Infusor has a thick and durable polyurethane construction and provides good visibility of the fluid bag and fluid level.

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  3. Gravity Fluid Administration Sets

    Intravenous fluid administration sets feature SmartSite® needleless access valves, a non-tortuous fluid path, roller clamp for fluid rate adjustment or complete occlusion and a swivel male Luer lock connection.

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  4. Jelco® IV Catheters

    The Jelco® peripheral IV catheter features FEP polymer construction, “J” point needle design, flashback visualization and an easy to handle length.

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  5. Multi-Purpose Drainage Tube

    Used as extension tubes in dwelling drainage catheters or pressure lines. Made of polyvinyl chloride.

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  6. OPTIVA® IV Catheters
    The OPTIVA® peripheral IV catheter has an electro-polished “V” point super sharp needle. It features flashback visualization, smooth cannula deployment, easy to handle length and Ocrilon® polyurethane tubing construction that softens to body temperature and resists kinking.
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  7. Premium Foley Catheters (Silicone)

    Closed-end silicone catheter with distal balloon cuff used for intermittent drainage of urine from the bladder or contrast studies of urogenital tract. Balloon aids in retaining the catheter inside the bladder.

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  8. Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection & Infusion Set
    The Saf-T Wing® blood collection and infusion set handles delicate venous blood draws, utilizing a safety feature activated with a simple one or two-handed technique. It is available in three needle sizes and two tubing lengths with or without a pre-attached Saf-T Holder® blood tube holder.
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  9. Slippery Sam Tomcat Urethral Catheters

    Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) catheter with endhole or distal side holes for the drainage or administration of fluids. Highly lubricious catheter shaft material helps ensure ease of catheter placement.

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