PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Controller

Over inflation of the endotracheal tube cuff is a common occurrence in many veterinary practices. An over-inflated cuff can lead to localized areas of ischemia and possible pressure necrosis of the delicate tracheal tissue. Proper cuff inflation to the recommended 20-30 cm H2O safeguards against excess pressure accumulation guarding against injury and improving patient outcomes.

Product Benefits

  • Guards against aspiration and tracheal damage
  • Indicator window signals when cuff pressure is between 20-30 cm H2O
  • Small, lightweight design is easy to use and helps to eliminate the need for an external manometer
  • Reduction in leakage of waste anaesthetic gas around the endotracheal tube
  • Works with all AIRCARE® endotracheal tubes
  • Auto-feedback feature boosts cuff pressure to facilitate proper sealing when high pressures are used during mechanical ventilation
  • Designed as single patient use to help reduce the potential for infection and disease transmission

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