Veterinary Products

Maintaining and improving the health and welfare of large and small companion animals and livestock requires a range of devices and equipment. ICU Medical offers systems for vital signs monitoring, anesthesia delivery, and ventilation, and devices for airway management, fluid administration, reproduction, wound care, urology and gastroenterology.

Other Anesthesia

  1. Modified Jackson Rees

    The Modified Jackson Rees is a popular choice for a non-rebreathing system. The control valve allows you to close the system for hand bagging and then reopen it to a passive condition. The waste gas is evacuated from the circuit by an evacuation hose with 19 mm fittings.

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  2. Non-Rebreathing Adapter

    Moving from rebreathing to non-rebreathing is quick and easy when this adapter is placed in-line.

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  3. Pop-Off Occlusion Valve

    The pop-off occlusion valve helps to prevent an accidental pneumothorax due to leaving the pop-off valve closed. By simply depressing a button on top, the valve temporarily blocks the gas flow so that a breath may be given to the patient. Upon release, the valve opens and no adjustment of the pop-off valve is required.

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  4. Pop-Off Valve

    The Pop-Off Valve allows a breathing bag to remain passively full, which allows you to give the patient a manual breath without having to flush the system. The valve will interface with a properly adjusted active waste gas evacuation system.

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  5. Sodasorb® CO2 Absorbent

    Medical-grade Sodasorb® (soda lime USP-NF) is the original CO2 absorbent and has been the market leader for years. It is specially designed to provide exceptional CO2 absorption performance, superior color indication contrast, and optimal resistance to dusting.

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  6. Universal F-Circuit

    The Universal F-Circuit is designed to maintain humidity and prevent heat loss. The F-circuit fits almost any anesthesia machine designed to deliver rebreathing anesthesia.

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