LDS 3000 Large Animal Anesthesia Machine

This machine is ideal for animals that weigh over 250 pounds. Tapered valves allow for quick connections of the hoses and bag. Stack Valve™ design reduces resistance by decreasing the distance air must travel. Pop-off valve is designed to interface with an active waste gas evacuation system and maintain a passively full rebreathing bag.

Product Benefits

  • Mount on a table or cart
  • 15" H x 22" W x 12" D
  • Optional cart, shelf, and ventilator available
  • 2 year warranty
Product Specifications

LDS 3000

Reorder Code Description
V7025 Large Animal Anesthesia Machine
V7026SYS Large Animal System - Includes: V7275, V7276, V7277, V7025

Items Included

Reorder Code Description
30 liter bag
32387B3 Two 64-inch black hoses (2-inch diameter)
OpMan Operations Manual
V7142 Stainless steel Y piece with Luer fitting for end tidal CO2 monitor connection
008865 Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent refill bag (2.2 lbs)

Optional Accessories

Reorder Code   Description
  Large animal endotracheal tube funnel
V7114 Variant Detail Stand alone absorber
V7140   Absorber cannister (Foal)
V7142 Variant Detail "Y" piece with Luer fitting
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