Bivona® Adult Fome-Cuf® Tracheostomy Tube Kits

The Fome-Cuf® tracheostomy tube is intended to maximize patient comfort by incorporating state of the art silicone technology with an innovative cuff expansion system. The Fome-Cuf® tracheostomy system allows direct cuff volume measurement, the key indicator of tracheal wall changes. The Cuff Maintenance Device (CMD) cuff inflation controller, a 60 mL syringe with an attached 3-way stopcock, directly measures cuff volume and simplifies routine cuff maintenance.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 1

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Benefits

  • Silicone remains soft and flexible in the trachea
  • Soft, low trauma tip
Product Specifications

Bivona® Adult Fome-Cuf® Tracheostomy Tube Kits

Reorder CodeSizeID (mm)OD (mm)Length (mm)
8501505.0 mm5.0 mm7.3 mm60.0 mm
8501606.0 mm6.0 mm8.7 mm70.0 mm
8501707.0 mm7.0 mm10.0 mm80.0 mm
8501808.0 mm8.0 mm11.0 mm88.0 mm
8501909.0 mm9.0 mm12.3 mm98.0 mm
8501959.5 mm9.5 mm13.3 mm98.0 mm
Notes: Packaged individually sterile with obturator, SidePort AutoControl airway connector, CMD cuff inflation controller, twill trach tie, and 15 mm disconnect wedge.

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