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Bivona Customization Services

Download the latest templates here:

  1. Fixed Flange silicone tracheostomy tubes (US only)
  2. Fixed Flange silicone tracheostomy tubes (Outside US only)
  3. FlexTendTM silicone tracheostomy tubes (US Only)
  4. FlexTendTM silicone tracheostomy tubes (Outside US Only)
  5. Adjustable Flange silicone tracheostomy tubes (US Only)
  6. Adjustable Flange silicone tracheostomy tubes (Outside US Only)

Special problems require special solutions.

Bivona® Tracheostomy Tube Customization Services provide your patient with a silicone tracheostomy tube designed to fit unusual or difficult airway anatomy. Customized tubes can help improve the quality of life for your patient in the hospital or home environment by providing a comfortable, individualized tube created just for them.

Designing a custom tracheostomy tube is easy! Our templates provide you a comprehensive selection of features and dimensions to choose from including:

  • Fixed Flange
  • FlexTend™ 

  • Adjustable Flange

Our Bivona technicians can also create a completely unique tracheostomy tube for patients with more challenging anatomies. All custom Bivona tracheostomy tubes can be shipped via standard service or as quickly as same day service (non-sterile, USA only).

Customized Tracheostomy Tube Options

Tube Shaft Style

• Standard Silicone

• Hyperflex™ Wire Reinforced Silicone

• Proximal Stoma Cushions


• Standard Anatomical

• Pre-curve Shaft

• Hyperflex™ Wire Reinforced Flexible


• Standard Extensive Range

I.D. / O.D.

• Comprehensive range


Cuff Design

• Fome-Cuf® Cuff

• Aire-Cuf® Cuff

• TTS™ Cuff

• Cuffless

• Multiple Cuff Configurations

• Stoma Cushion Cuff

Cuff Position

• To your specification upon request

Neck Flange

• Adult

• Neonatal (“V” and “Straight”)

• Pediatric (“V” and “Straight”)

• Fixed

• Adjustable

 Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Frequently asked questions

A sample of the most frequently asked questions are listed but if you require further assistance, please use the following customer services link:

Q: How do I order?

Fax or email: Choose one of the three forms from, download the PDF and fill out the form as indicated, click submit to send it electronically, fax it to the number on the form or scan it and send it to Be sure to include your Purchase Order so that your request can be processed.

Order Confirmation:  A Customer Service Representative will confirm your order within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).

For an optimal experience, please:

1)    Download the form onto your laptop or desktop computer

2)    Open the form using Acrobat Reader - this form requires Adobe Reader v.8 or higher. If you don’t have a  recent version, you can download an update from:    

3)    Complete each section (1-7) of the form in order

4)    If you would like to reset the form back to its original un-completed state, press the ‘Reset’ button

5)    Send the form electronically using the ‘Submit’ button on the form

  • You will be prompted to send the form via your normal Email client (Outlook, Mail etc.) or via Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo Mail) - select the option based on your preference
  • A new email will automatically open with your form attached, and the correct email address displayed
  • Adjust the email message (if desired) and then hit ‘send’ on the email message to ensure the form is properly sent

Q: Does the delivery option have an impact on the price? 

Yes it does and this is not unique to our service. If an express expedited delivery is required it will often require our dedicated laboratory technicians working outside of their normal hours and a courier service which increases the cost too.

Q: How do I reorder a customized tube for the same patient?

Reorders of the same tracheostomy tube can be placed by providing the part number of the tracheostomy tube from your previous order to

Q: What if the customized tube I receive does not match the specifications I submitted?

If you use the Bivona® customization interactive form(s), it is unlikely you will receive a customized tube that does not meet your specifications. However, if you find yourself in that situation, contact the Bivona® customization service at:

Q: What if my patient needs a tube that I can’t create using the options in the template. Can the Bivona® customization service help me create it?

If you need something more specialised, contact the Bivona® customization service at: 

Product Specifications

Tracheostomy Tube Options


 Tube Shaft Style  Cuff Design
 Standard Silicone  Fome-Cuf® Cuff
 Hyperflex™ Wire Reinforced Silicone  TTS™ Cuff
 Proximal Stoma Cushions  Cuffless
   Multiple Cuff Configurations
 Curvature  Stoma Cushion Cuff
 Standard Anatomical  
 Pre-curve Shaft  Cuff Position
 Hyperflex™ Wire Reinforced Flexible  To your specification upon request
 Length  Neck Flange
 Variable horizontal and distal lengths  Adult
   Neonatal (“V” and “Straight”)
 I.D./O.D.  Pediatric (“V” and “Straight”)
 Comprehensive Range  Fixed

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