Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid

Reduce the risk of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® OR Reduce the risk of VAP suction above the cuff

Tracheostomy tubes with suction above the cuff reduce the rate of ventilator-associated pneumonia1

Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® tracheostomy tubes with subglottic suction line are intended to improve patient well-being by maintaining a clean, hygienic and unobstructed airway through the ability to remove secretions above the cuff.

The low pressure, high volume Soft-Seal® cuff is intended to minimise trauma to the trachea and protect the patient’s airway when inflated. This is achieved by maintaining the air delivered from a ventilator to a patient's lungs preventing aspiration.

The tracheostomy tube provides a clear, anatomically shaped flexible neck flange which aids cleaning and conforms to the patient’s neck aiding in patient comfort. A range of sizes are available; including half sizes to ensure your patient has the ideal tube to ensure comfort and functionality.

The integral suction lumen of Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid® makes it easy to remove pooled secretions. This is important as pooled secretions may lead to patient discomfort and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

The tracheostomy tube’s thermosensitive PVC construction provides initial firmness for ease of insertion which then conforms to the patient’s airway at body temperature reducing trauma.

The Blue Line Ultra® material is radiopaque which enables clear visualisation for correct tube positioning.

The smooth, arc shaped design with tapered tip is designed to assist placement and removal of both the tracheostomy tube and inner cannula with minimal disruption to the patient’s airway.

The tube has a 15mm connector on the tube as opposed to the inner cannula, which aids in connection to anaesthetic and ventilator breathing circuits.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 10

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Benefits

Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® tracheostomy tubes are intended to maintain patency of a patient’s airway and prevent aspiration:

  • Suction lumen to enable removal of secretions is integrated into tube wall for smooth, easy insertion to minimise trauma
  • High volume, low pressure Soft Seal® cuff allows an effective seal to be created whilst reducing the risk of tracheal stenosis
  • The 15mm connector on the tube, not inner cannula allows connection to the ventilator with or without the inner cannula for enhanced safety
  • Clear flange allows clear visualisation of the patient’s stoma

Product Specifications

Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® "Suctionaid" Tracheostomy Tube

Reorder Code ID
100/860/060 6.0 mm
100/860/070 7.0 mm
100/860/075 7.5 mm
100/860/080 8.0 mm
100/860/085 8.5 mm
100/860/090 9.0 mm
100/860/100 10.0 mm
Notes: Inner cannulae available - supplied in packs of 2 units. Plain inner cannulae ref: 100/850

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