The ICU Medical Tracheostomy Head

The ICU Medical Tracheostomy Head is a multifunctional mannequin, which presents an anatomical challenge to the user, but also offers a realistic feel particularly when using the ICU Medical Percutaneous Dilational Tracheostomy Products.

Product Benefits

  • The unique design provides an ideal simulation mannequin for practicing the Percutaneous Tracheostomy procedure using the ULTRAperc® Single or Serial Dilator methods or the Griggs Dilating Forceps method
  • Ideal for patient demonstration and education of tracheostomy tube change, care and management
  • Supports nurse training and education
  • Great for practicing the Cricothyroidotomy procedure using Mini-Trach II Seldinger kit
  • Up to 16 procedures can be performed on a single trachea, which is replaceable along with the highly realistic skin

Product Specifications

Demonstration Head

Reorder CodeDescriptionPack Size
TOT100*Tracheotomy Trainer & Case1
TOT101Trauma Kit (2 Tracheas & 4 skins)1
TOT102Replacement Thyroid1
TOT104Black Carry Case1
Notes: *Contains Latex
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