Neoheel Safety Lancets

The Neoheel safety lancet is used to collect quality blood samples from infants for metabolic screening as well as glucose and other tests. Automatic retraction is designed to avoid needlestick injuries and cross-contamination exposure. The safety lancet produces less bruising1 and requires less punctures to obtain sufficient volumes of blood2. In addition, the arc shaped design reduces the number of heel puncture sites, time taken to complete the test and time the baby cries. The integral safety tab prevents premature activation while avoiding additional loose parts. Neoheel™ is available in four configurations which are based on the baby’s development level (Micro-Preemie, Preemie, Newborn, Toddler).


Please see instructions for use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Distributed by:
ICU Medical ASD, Inc.
6000 Nathan Lane North
Minneapolis, MN 55442
SteriLance Medical (Suzhou) Inc.
No.68 Litanghe Road, Xiangcheng, Suzhou, 215133, China 

1. Glenesk A. et al. Blood spot testing: comparing techniques and automated devices. British Journal of Midwifery 2006 Feb;14(2):96-99
2. Vertanen H. et al. An automatic incision device for obtaining blood samples for the heels of preterm infants causes less damage than a conventional manual lancet. Arch Dis Child
Fetal Neonatal Ed. 2001;84(1):F53-5

Product Specifications

Neoheel™ Safety Lancets

Reorder Code Description
1050M Micro-Preemie
Color coded green. A case consists of 4 boxes of 50 eaches.
1051P Preemie
Color coded orange. A case consists of 4 boxes of 50 eaches.
1052N Newborn
Color coded yellow. A case consists of 4 boxes of 50 eaches.
1053T Toddler Color coded blue. A case consists of 4 boxes of 50 eaches.

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