Thermovent® Heat and Moisture Exchangers (U.S Versions)

Portex® HMEs are intended to provide efficient heat and moisture recovery. All HMEs exhibit low resistance to flow and high moisture output which helps to minimize the loss of heat and moisture in ventilated or spontaneously breathing patients. All HMEs and filters have ISO standard tapered ends to assure a consistent leak-free seal.
Product Specifications

Thermovent® Heat & Moisture Exchangers (also available OUS)

Portex Thermovent® T2 HME

Reorder Code Units Per Case
100/570/022 50

Thermovent® Heat & Moisture Exchangers (not available outside the USA)

Reorder Code Description Units Per Case
570016 Thermovent® T HME 50
580011 Thermovent® 600 HME 50
580021 Thermovent® 1200 HME 25

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