Portex® Bacterial Viral Filters

All filters have ISO standard tapered ends to assure a consistent leak-free seal. All Portex® filters are latex-free.
Product Specifications

Portex® Filters

Reorder Code Detail Description Units Per Case Sterile/Non Sterile
002863 Applications: Filtration of the mainline gas flow from a ventilator with flexible coupler for easier connection
to tight fittings.

Filtration Efficiency: >99.9%

Resistance to Flow: 1.0 hPa (1.0 cm H2O) at 0.5 L/sec (30 L/min)
2.0 hPa (2.0 cm H2O) at 1.0 L/sec (60 L/min)
3.0 hPa (3.0 cm H2O) at 1.5 L/sec (60 L/min)

Media: Electrostatically-charged polypropylene

Method of Filtration: Electrostatic attraction, torturous path, depth

Weight: 20 grams

Dead Space: 32 mL (filter only)

Connections: 15 mm I.D. x 22 mm O.D. on patient end; 22 mm I.D. on circuit end
Ventilator Filter with Flexible Coupler 40 Non Sterile

Description: Multivent filter with 22mm BARB connector

Resistance/cm H20 @ L/min: <2.0 @ 100
Weight: 117g
Medium: Pleated paper
Filter: Hydrophobic
Filter Efficiency: 99.9999%
Units: 12 per case
Multivent filter with 22mm BARB connector 12 Non Sterile

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