Spinal Needle Sets

ICU Medical offers the Portex RapID range of Spinal Needles within needle sets or in a larger Midi-Tray package. These needles are available in Pencil Point and Lancet tip options, ranging in size from 22G to 29G, to meet patient procedural requirements.

Product Benefits

  • Available from 22G through to 29G depending on patient procedural requirements.
  • Colour-coded stylets allow easy identification of needle size.
  • Supplied with a matched introducer needle to ensure accurate and safe needle placement within the subarachnoid space.
  • Clear hub designed to enhance visualization of cerebrospinal fluid flashback which provides rapid identification of correct needle placement.

Product Specifications

Lancet Point Spinal Needle Sets (Quincke)

Portex RapID™

Reorder Code Needle Size Length (mm) Introducer Needle Box Quantity
100/496/022 22G 90mm 18G 20
100/496/024 24G 90mm 20G 20
100/496/025 25G 90mm 20G 20
100/496/026 26G 90mm 20G 20
100/496/027 27G 90mm 20G 20
L746-61 22G 90mm   100
M341 29G 90mm 22G 60

Pencil Point Spinal Needle Sets (Whitacre)

Reorder Code Spinal Needle Length (mm) Introducer Needle RapID® Box Quantity


22G 90 mm 18G
100/496/124 24G 90 mm 20G
100/496/125 25G 90 mm 20G
L741-61 25G 90 mm     100
M122 25G 90 mm 20G   60
100/496/126 26G 90 mm 20G

100/492/815 25G 115 mm 22G
26G 115 mm 20G

27G 90 mm  20G

100/492/817 27G 115 mm 20G

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