Spinal Maxipacks

The Spinal Maxipack provides all the essential components required for spinal anesthesia in a single pack. Presented in a logical two layer format, the upper tray contains a selection of patient preparation components and the lower tray contains the essential components to perform the spinal block. These trays are available with 22G to 26G pencil or lancet tip needles to meet patient and procedure requirements.

The Portex® Portfolio now includes the NRFit® connectors with complete solutions for epidural, spinal, and combined spinal-epidural (CSE) infusion procedures.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 10
Minimum order quantity: 1

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Specifications

*Portex® Spinal Maxipacks - Pencil Point with NRFit® Connector

Reorder Code Spinal Needle (90 mm/3.5") with NRFit® Connector RapID® 5 mL Syringe with NRFit® Connector 18G x 34 mm (1.3") Introducer Needle with NRFit® Connector Unit
24-2200-22  25G Lock
24-2201-22  26G
Lock 10/box
24-2205-22  25G
Slip 10/box


Prep components: 2 hand towels, 5 gauze swabs, 2 applicator sponges, and solution prep wells.
Other procedural components: fenestrated drape, filter device (Luer) and filter needle with NRFit® connector, 3 mL plastic syringe Luer slip, and hypodermic needles (22G x 1 ½" and 25G x 1 ½").
* Subject to availability.

Spinal Maxipacks with Luer Connector

Reorder Code Spinal Needle Type Needle Size Length (mm) Introducer Needle Procedural Syringe
100/389/022 Lancet 22G 90 18G 6mL
100/389/825 Pencil 25G 90 18G 6mL
100/389/826 Pencil 26G 90 18G 6mL
Notes: All standard Maxipack configurations include the following components: Prep Components - Sponge Applicators, Fenestrated Paper Drape, Gauze Sponges.

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