Pain Management Products

ICU Medical offers a comprehensive range of pain management and regional anesthesia systems and devices for medication delivery as well as the delivery of neuraxial and nerve block regional anesthetics. Our range of products and technologies offer solutions for patients within the neonatal and pediatric critical care, oncology, emergency medicine, and home or alternate care settings.

ICU Medical now has a complete neuraxial solution that promotes patient safety - NRFit®.

Featured Anesthesia Trays and Kits

ICU Medical offers a wide variety of solutions in regional anesthesia from pump to patient.

The Portex Portfolio now includes the NRFit® connector with complete solutions in epidural, spinal, and CSE infusion procedures.

Other Anesthesia Trays and Kits

  1. Continuous Epidural Tray (with Needle Safety where indicated)

    ICU Medical offers the widest array of full component Continuous Epidural Trays in the industry, including your choice of needle, catheter and syringe sizes and styles.

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  2. CSEcure® Trays

    CSEcure® trays include all necessary preparation and procedural components to help the clinician achieve the benefits of a combined spinal and epidural anesthesia procedure.

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  3. Epidural Filters, Flat with Luer Lock

    ICU Medical low volume bacterial filters are available from PORTEX®. These filters may be used for the in-line filtration of low volume does of aqueous solutions.

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  4. Epidural Single Shot Pack

    'Loss of Resistance' Device and Tuohy needle set. Ideal for use in chronic pain clinics for bolus injections into the epidural space.

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  5. Glass L.O.R. Syringe

    These L.O.R. syringes from ICU Medical are constructed of glass. Its dependable and smooth plunger action provides excellent sensitivity for epidural space detection.

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  6. Hustead Epidural Needle

    ICU Medical offers a wide range of Epidural needles available in the most common tray configurations.

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  7. Lancet Point Spinal Needle

    ICU Medical offers a wide range of Spinal needles available in the most common tray configurations, in both Lancet and Pencil Point configurations from 22 to 27g.

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  8. Local Infiltration Tray

    ICU Medical offers a variety of procedural trays such as Local Infiltration, Amniocentesis, Lumbar Puncture and Thoracentesis. The most common tray configurations are offered with Needle Safety.

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  9. Midi-Trays

    Midi trays from ICU Medical are available in pencil point format, containing a spinal needle and introducer, supported by the key components necessary for administration of the local anesthetic prior to needle insertion.

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  10. Single Shot Epidural Trays

    ICU Medical offers Full Component Single-Shot Epidural Trays. Single Shot trays can be readily customized to meet any unique requirements.

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  11. Spinal Maxipacks

    This single use spinal anesthesia procedure kit contains one tray with patient preparation components, and a second with components to perform the spinal block procedure.

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