Graseby C9 Syringe Pump

The Graseby™ C9 syringe pump provides safe, reliable and easy to use infusions for a range of clinical therapy areas. Graseby™ pumps have been used by clinicians for nearly 40 years in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Operating Rooms (OR) and general wards.

Graseby™ C9 syringe pump has a flat and compact design, which is stackable. The pump has a wide syringe size compatibility including 5mL and 10mL, which are critical for the NICU. The pump delivers medication as a continuous infusion at rate between 0.1 mL/h to 1500 mL/h. Graseby™ C9 syringe pump offers different infusion modes to satisfy different clinical needs, which include Rate Mode, Time Mode, Weight Mode and Multi-rate Mode. The pump also provides adjustable alarm volume and selectable alarm tone, as well as selectable sleep/night mode for use in different environment. A drug list is provided by the pump, with up to 500 drug names selectable and editable by the users.

Product Benefits


  • High infusion accuracy of ±1.8% ensuring reliable and precise delivery
  • Internal battery capacity of 8 hours operating time at 5 mL/h


  • Dynamic pressure display to monitor pressure in real time
  • Anti-bolus system reduces the potential bolus volume upon release of an occlusion
  • Wide range of alarms promotes clinician awareness and prompts intervention where necessary
  • Keypad lock in case of unintended operation

Easy to use

  • Syringe auto brand recognition saves nursing time for infusion setup
  • Wide range of pre-calibrated syringe brands
  • Supports self-calibration for syringes at the bedside
  • 4-step quick start function: power on, load the syringe, set flow rate, start infusion
  • Allows altering infusion parameters while infusion is on-going
  • Drug names selectable and editable by the users
Product Specifications

Graseby™ C9 Syringe Pump

Reorder Code Language Voltage Plug Type Included
100V~240V Plug Type D
100V~240V Plug Type G and Plug Type C
100V~240V Plug Type G
100V~240V Plug Type A
100V~240V Plug Type A and Plug Type C
100V~240V Plug Type C


Reorder Code Description
Pump handle
Power cube (China Only)
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