CADD®-Solis Medication Safety Software

The CADD-Solis Medication Safety Software is a system designed to improve patient safety, help reduce medication errors and increase clinician confidence and productivity.

The CADD-Solis Medication Safety Software is a combined system of software applications that allows users to set up customized libraries such as pain management, antibiotics, TPN and hydration pump protocols. The software programs are designed to be used by customers for safe and effective programming and collecting data from their CADD®-Solis Ambulatory Infusion pump.

Administrator Program: CADD™-Solis Administrator software is a Windows® based application used by select staff to enter and manage their standardized pain management pump protocol library on the hospital network. Administrators can update the protocol library in one location for immediate access by clinicians at the point of care locations.

The application can be used to securely and accurately program the CADD®-Solis VIP pump saving Pharmacist and Nursing time in manually programming the infusion pump. Infusion data is collected for additional pump documentation, reporting and CQI data analysis.

Point of Care Program: CADD-Solis Point of Care software is a Windows® based application used by clinicians to access, select and download correct up-to-date pain management protocols per the physician order to safely and accurately program the CADD®-Solis pump. Programming errors are captured on the hospital computer and can be corrected before they ever get to the pump.

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ICU Medical offers implementation services for most CADD® ambulatory infusion pumps with CADD®-Solis medication safety software – administrator implementation. The ICU Medical implementation services team follows a comprehensive project management process to accurately and efficiently implement the CADD® Solis system in a collaborative, coordinated and customized process with account project team counterparts. Clinical education specialists, with the support of educational consultants provide comprehensive in servicing and training for resource clinicians and staff.

Product Benefits

  • Safety
    • Helps minimize programming errors with Protocol Library system on the pump
    • Programming errors are captured on the computer, rather than the pump when using the Point of Care application
    • Provides optional bar code scanning for Drug ID and second nurse verification at the point of care
    • Verify the drug and pump parameters before programming the pump
    • Therapy based customized protocols with Hard and/or Soft Maximum and Minimum delivery rates
    • Visual alerts when soft limit maximum is exceeded
  • Simple to Use
    • Intuitive PC software programs
    • Simple three step process for programming the CADD® Solis pump at the point of care
    • Large view of programming screens
    • Point of Care program has a visual indication of rate limits that are selected outside the soft limit
    • Reporting capability at the clinician’s fingertips
    • Captures all pump activity and data electronically
    • System assists with the transition from paper to electronic documentation
  • Smart
    • Create Therapies, Qualifiers and enter Drug information used to create customized Protocols per current pain management standing orders
    • Weight based protocol programming at the point of care
    • Flexible customization to meet individual facility requirements
    • Flexibility to modify and create Protocols as needed
    • Exportable Protocol Library Configuration for use at off-site campus facilities
  • Reliable
    • Solid computer system built with Microsoft® SQL Server - provides secure and reliable data storage, is scalable to support large enterprises/businesses, and provides high availability and performance for applications
    • Log Reports are available for reliable reporting capabilities allowing hospitals to track trends in compliance with their dosing and clinical policies - protocols sent to the pump, records all Protocols/programs sent to a pump
    • Protocols Changed by Administrator - documents all pump parameters changed by the Administrator program

Product Specifications

CADD®-Solis Medication Safety Software License Agreements

Reorder CodeDescription
21-2197Point of Care License
21-2199Administrator License

CADD®-Solis Medication Safety Software Maintenance Program

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