SecureEasy® and Quickstrap® Endotracheal Tube Holder Systems

Our endotracheal tube holder systems SecureEasy® and Quickstrap® eliminate tape and timely taping procedures. Pressure is evenly distributed across the face. An integrated soft bite block guards against biting the endotracheal tube, reducing unwanted flow restriction. The non-adhesive, non-porous soft foam rests against the skin allowing for frequent facial hygiene and oral care.
Product Specifications

SecureEasy® Endotracheal Tube Holder

Reorder CodeDescriptionunits / case
242003SecureEasy® Endotracheal Tube Holder - Adult10
242006SecureEasy® Endotracheal Tube Holder - Adult50
242007QuickStrap® Adult Endotracheal Tube Holder10
242008QuickStrap® Endotracheal Tube Holder, Neck Strap10
242010QuickStrap® Endotracheal Tube Holder10
242024SecureEasy® Endotracheal Tube Holder, Neck Strap10
242091SecureEasy® Endotracheal Tube Holder, Head Strap10

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