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For over 70 years, the brand of Portex® has been synonymous with the values of quality, reliability and innovation. Building on our reputation, we are excited to introduce the new Portex® Bivona® Inner Cannula - the first to market, for use with our silicone tracheostomy tubes.

The new Portex® Bivona® Inner Cannula system combines the benefits associated with using an adult Bivona® silicone tracheostomy tube with a unique pliable inner cannula, retaining the integrity of the tube's flexibility.

Features & Benefits

Smooth and silky / Flexible / Durable

Grey ring enables easy identification when in situ and eases the insertion and removal of the cannula

For reassurance the hub provides tactile click when inserted to confirm correct location of the inner cannula

Using an inner cannula will assist in maintaining a clear and patent patient airway

Clearly marked with corresponding tracheostomy tube size, reduces the risk of inappropriate use

Single patient use - can be cleaned up to 400 times during its 29 day use

Bonded 15mm connector is located on the tube and not on the inner cannula, allowing patient ventilation at all times

Fully flexible and manufactured from PTFE to minimize secretion adherence

Product continuity of care from hospital to home gives patients familiarity and confidence in their tracheostomy tube and its maintenance

Dedicated extra long foam cleaning swab to minimize damage during cleaning

Smooth silky surface does not create resistance against the host tube during insertion and removal, for ease of use

  • Where can I find the size markings to indicate the size of the inner cannula?

    The size markings are on the tracheostomy tube flange, inner cannula tube and pack labels.

  • Which tracheostomy tubes are compatible with the Bivona® Inner Cannula?

    Size 7.0mm - 9.0mm Bivona® TTS™ (tight to shaft) cuff, Mid-Range Air-Cuf® and Uncuffed tracheostomy tubes.

  • What is the MRI classification of the Bivona® Inner Cannula?

    The Bivona® Inner Cannula is MR-Safe. However, users should refer to the instructions of the Bivona® tracheostomy tube instructions for their MR compatibility.

  • Do I need to use lubricating jelly on the Bivona® Inner Cannula?

    No. Using lubricating jelly may occlude the inner cannula and prevent it from being retained in the tracheostomy tube.

  • Is the Bivona® Inner Cannula single use?

    The Bivona® Inner Cannula is for single patient use. It can be used for 29 days, and cleaned up to 400 times in that time period.

  • How do I clean the Bivona® Inner Cannula?

    Daily cleaning of the inner cannula is recommended, or whenever the inner cannula becomes contaminated by mucus or secretions. Do not use any abrasive cleaning implements. Use only sterile water or saline with the recommended cleaning swab, product code BICSWB. Do not use this swab to clean the tracheostomy tube. Inner Cannula (Inner cannulae) should not be cleaned using other methods e.g. autoclave or dishwasher.

  • Is the Bivona® Inner Cannula just for hospital use?

    No, the Bivona® Inner Cannula can be used at home too, allowing the patient continuity and familiarity with their tracheostomy tube after they have left hospital.

  • What size Bivona® Inner Cannula should I use with my tracheostomy tube?

    You should use the same size Bivona® Inner Cannula as the tracheostomy tube you are using. So for a size 7.0mm tube a size 7 Bivona® Inner Cannula should be used.

  • What is the shelf life of the Bivona® Inner Cannula?

    The Bivona® Inner Cannula has a shelf life of 3 years.

  • What quantities are the Bivona® Inner Cannula available in?

    The Bivona® Inner Cannula comes in packs of 10 (BRCAxx) and 2 (BRCxxx)

  • Are the Bivona® Inner Cannula individually packed?

    Yes, each Bivona® Inner Cannula will come in its own blister pack.

  • What material is the Bivona® Inner Cannula made from?

    The Bivona® Inner Cannula is manufactured from PTFE.

  • Is it easy to tell when the Bivona® Inner Cannula is in-situ?

    Yes, the grey pull-ring provides easy identification. When inserting the inner cannula, the hub provides a tactile click to confirm correct placement.

  • What is different about the Bivona® Inner Cannula?

    The Bivona® Inner Cannula is the first inner cannula to market for use with silicone tracheostomy tubes. It is fully flexible and pliable and is manufactured from PTFE which means secretions are less likely to adhere to it.

  • Why would I want to use an inner cannula?

    Using the inner cannula will assist in maintaining a clear and patent patient airway.

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Portex® Bivona® Inner Cannula

The new Portex® Bivona® Inner Cannula is for use with the Bivona® TTS™ (tight to shaft) cuff, Mid-Range Aire-Cuf ® and Uncuffed tracheostomy tubes, giving you the solution for effective secretion management in both hospital and home environments