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Our convective warming system consists of a high-flow convective warmer with hose-end temperature control, a convective warming blanket, and accessories.

The convective warmer draws ambient-temperature air through a HEPA air filter. The filtered air is warmed to a selected temperature.

The warmed air enters the convective warming blanket through the hose and is distributed through delivery channels. Perforations on the patient side of the blanket gently disperse warm air over the patient.

The safety circuit provides as independent means of shutoff which discontinues power to the heater. This prevents patient exposure to excessive temperatures. Over-temperature is monitored and alarms separately for each temperature setting.

User Interface

1. Standby Button

2. Temperature Settings

When selected, button will flash until desired temperature is reached

3. Over Temperature Indicator

Solid or blinking light detects temperature is too high

4. Maintenance Indicator

Solid or blinking light indicates an error has occured that requires maintenance

5. Occlusion Indicator

Solid or blinking light indicates an occlusion in the hose or blanket


6. Hose connection with temperature sensor port

Temperature sensor maintains temperature between the warmer and the hose. Hose "clicks" into place demonstrating a secure connection

7. Power connection

Self-locking power cord to provide secure connection ensuring uninterrupted use

8. Location for optional IV pole

Features and Benefits


Surgery is stressful; our convective warmer is designed to put you and your patients at ease before, during and after a procedure.

  • Our warmer’s sound level is <42dB(A)


With no calibration required, our intuitive design allows you to focus on the patient while maintaining normothermia.

  • With the push of a button, you are maintaining patient normothermia


Our convective warmer provides precise temperature management to help keep the patient safe and comfortable.

  • Precise temperature settings controlled within +/- 1°C
  • Over-temperature alerts at each set point (37°C, 40°C and 43°C)

Convective Warmer Accessories

Cart/handle and storage shelf
Clamp (IV pole not included)
Noisy environments contribute to communication errors.1

1. Mazer, S. Creating a Culture of Safety Reducing Hospital Noise; Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology Sept/Oct 2012.

Excessive noise in the health care environment may negatively affect patient and worker safety.2
2. AORN Position Statement on Managing Distractions and Noise During Perioperative Patient Care.
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