Portex® Latex Hyperinflation Systems

The Portex® hyperinflation system with disposable manometer lets you monitor your patient and their airway pressure simultaneously. Portex® combines an integrated disposable airway pressure manometer with a streamlined hyperinflation system to provide the clinician with a simple, effective, and efficient means of delivering positive pressure ventilation. The Portex® disposable manometer has two scales. One measures PEEP and the other measures inspiratory pressure. Hyperinflation systems are available in either latex free or latex configurations. Custom 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter configurations are also available by contacting our Customs Department at 800-258 5361.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 20

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Benefits

  • Design and location of disposable manometer lets you read pressure while observing chest movement
  • Dual spring design lets you see both expanded lower pressure scale for monitoring PEEP and higher pressure scale for measuring peak inspiratory pressure
Product Specifications

Portex® Latex Hyperinflation Systems

Reorder CodeBag SizeDescriptionMaskManometerManometer TubingUnits Per Case
008030 Adjustable Pressure Limiting Elbow    
008032 Adjustable Pressure Limiting Elbow    
008131 Adjustable Pressure Limiting Elbow    
008132 Adjustable Pressure Limiting Elbow    
008330DM0.5 LiterDual Swivel ElbowNoYesNo20
008330VM0.5 LiterPressure Limiting Valve ElbowNoYesNo20
008332DM0.5 LiterDual Swivel ElbowInfantYesNo20
008335DM1.0 LiterDual Swivel ElbowNoNoNo20
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