HOTLINE® 3 Blood and Fluid Warmer

The HOTLINE® Fluid Warmers at your hospitals can be converted to the latest technology - the HOTLINE® 3. This conversion is designed to make the existing system:

  1. Easier to use
  2. Easier to transport
  3. Easier to maintain

What changes are required?

Hardware: The mounting block on the Warmer (HL-90), where the disposable set connects to the hardware, has been replaced with a new mounting block. The converted HOTLINE® Fluid Warmer will be referred to as the HL-390. (Kindly update your device records to reflect the change from item number HL-90 to HL-390).

Disposable: A new and improved disposable set (L-370) now replaces the existing L-70 disposable set. The enhanced HOTLINE® Fluid Warming System will require you to use the new dedicated disposable set, the L-370.

Benefits of the conversion In addition to the benefits of HOTLINE®, you now get the following new benefits due to the conversion to the HOTLINE® 3 Fluid Warming System:
  1. Reduces monthly maintenance requirements*: O-ring lubrication is performed every 12 months rather than every 30 days, a significant time saver for hospital biomedical.
  2. Improves portability by keeping recirculating solution in the tubing/system: When the new disposable set is removed from the new mounting block, valves built into the connector close, trapping the recirculating solution in the tube. The patient line can now be transferred with the patient from the surgery room to recovery to be connected into a different HL-390 warmer, if required.
  3. Allows for easier set up and disconnect of disposable: The newly designed disposable connector locks into the new mounting block with an audible click and holds the patient line firmly in place until it’s unlocked to transfer it to another HL-390 warmer or to discontinue use.
* When using the Hydrogen Peroxide recirculating solution protocol Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will the priming volume for the converted HOTLINE® be different from the existing device? No, the priming volume is still the same that you are accustomed to with the existing HL-90 and L-70
  • Is the length of the new disposable set (L-370) different from the existing L-70? No, both the L-370 and the L-70 are 2.4 m (8 ft) long.
  • Will we be able to infuse fluids at the same temperature & flow rates as before? Yes, the system is capable of delivering normothermic fluids at the same flow rates as you are accustomed to.
  • Do we still need to replace the o-rings every 12 months? No, with this new technology, o-ring wear and tear is almost eliminated and you do not need to replace these any longer. The o-ring only needs to be lubricated once every 12 months.
  • We have some left over L-70 disposable sets that were not replaced by the ICU Medical representatives who performed the conversion. What should we do with these disposables? Please call ICU Medical Customer Service at 1-800-258-5361 to get these replaced with the new L-370 disposables, since the L-70 disposables will not be compatible with the converted devices.
  • ICU Medical representatives did not convert some of the existing devices (HL-90) at our hospitals, but instead labeled them with a red sticker. Can we use these? No, these devices are either out-of-service or defective and are meant to be returned to ICU Medical. Please call the number on the sticker to get instructions to return these devices.
      Service feedback If you have any questions or comments, please contact Technical Support at 1.800.553.8351. Now that the devices at your hospital have been converted, it is important that you use the ordering information provided below the next time you place an order for hardware or disposables:

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