Rescal® inspiratory force pressure adapters

The Rescal® inspiratory force pressure adapter is used during the measurement of inspiratory force to connect a gauge to the patient's airway. This lightweight adaptor is intended to aid in manipulation at the airway. The 15mm I.D. connection fits directly on the ET tube.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 25

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Benefits

  • Small adapter.
  • 15mm ID tapered fitting.
  • Finger port.
  • Lightweight and intended to reduce tension on the airway.
  • Connects directly to the tracheal tube.
  • User can cover with finger or thumb to take measurements.
Product Specifications

Rescal® inspiratory force pressure adapters

Reorder CodeDescription
33-3400Rescal Inspiratory Force Adaptor
55-4700NIF-Kit with Pos/Neg Gauge and Rescal Adaptor
55-4800NIF-Kit with Negative Gauge and Rescal Adaptor

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