SODASORB® LF CO2 Absorbent

The New Generation CO2 Absorbent Introducing Sodasorb® LF, the new standard in CO2 absorbents by ICU Medical. Sodasorb® LF’s patented formulation inhibits the degradation of anesthetic gases at low flow rates, while retaining the absorption efficiency of conventional absorbents. Sodasorb® LF eliminates the potential dangers associated with absorbents and low flow conditions, such as Compound A, carbon monoxide, heat and desiccation. Delivering greater safety and reliability, Sodasorb® LF gives you the confidence to place your focus where it’s needed – your patients. Safety you can see, reliability you can trust Once exhausted or if desiccated, Sodasorb® LF changes color from white to violet, a unique safety feature. Unlike traditional CO2 absorbents, the color change is permanent. Desiccation impairs CO2 absorption, and may cause extreme and hazardous heat conditions leading to the production of carbon monoxide. Sodasorb® LF will not heat up to extreme temperatures even if it desiccates, and inhibits production of carbon monoxide More efficiency, more savings Today’s low flow anesthesia systems allow hospitals to reduce their consumption of costly anesthetics. But they also put higher demands on CO2 absorbents; that’s why you can count on Sodasorb® LF to be cost effective. Sodasorb® LF’s unique formula delivers the efficiency you’ve come to expect from conventional CO2 absorbents, which means both time and cost savings. A legacy of proven performance For nearly 90 years, W.R. Grace has responded to the needs of physicians and patients with quality, innovative products with dependable performance. Sodasorb® LF continues the tradition that the original Sodasorb® delivered for decades. Medical professionals around the world know they can trust Sodasorb®; now they can trust Sodasorb® LF, too. With a proven track record of safety, reliability, and efficiency – Sodasorb® LF enables you to go low flow with high confidence.

Product Benefits

  • Inhibits degradation of anesthetic gases
  • Changes color permanently, once exhausted
  • Exhibits high contrast color change, should desiccation ever occur
  • Long-lasting formulation
  • More efficient use of expensive anesthetic gases
  • Uniform pellet design results in reduced powdering

Product Specifications


Reorder CodeDescriptionSizeUnits per case
008855Plastic Jug - product fills reusable cartridges. Jugs are easy to open, pour and reseal4.2 kg/jug3/case
008865Canister Pak - Convenient, airtight foil-lined bags containing sufficient material to re-fill absorber canisters1 kg/bag12/case
008875Pre Pak® - Pre-filled, disposable cartridges designed for easy insertion into compatible machines1 kg/cartridge12/case
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