Europa Timesco Standard Light Fitting Disposable Laryngoscope Systems

Save time and cost with this single use system

Single use airway products are now a vital part of combating infections in anaesthesia.

Product Benefits

Europa Timesco Standard Light Fitting Disposable Laryngoscope Systems are intended to aid in successful intubations by providing:

  • A range which has been designed to offer a true low cost alternative to reusable blades and handles with exceptional specifications to reduce cross infection, cost, maintenance and processing costs.
  • The laryngoscope blade tip elevates the epiglottis with minimal force and reduces the possibility of damage to teeth.
  • The laryngoscopes fixed bright bulb offers focused illumination. The blades are also available with an LED bulb, which emits minimal heat.

Product Features

Removes the risk of cross contamination with the blades no touch hook preventing the blade from touching the handle ensuring that reusable handles do not get contaminated

Provides a complete solution at low cost with a full range of Mac and Miller Blades while eliminating the costs associated with reusable systems

Standard light, conventional ISO 7376 fitting compatible with conventional fitting single use blades

Product Specifications

Europa Timesco Single Use Standard Light Fitting Laryngoscope Handles

Reorder Code Description. Quantity
DS.2940.380.10 Dry Cell handle, Medium C, Requires 2 C batteries 10

Europa Timesco Single Use Standard Light Fitting Blades

Reorder Code Description. Quantity
DS.2940.150.30 Macintosh Blade No.5 10
DS.2940.150.25 Macintosh Blade No.4 10
DS.2940.150.20 Macintosh Blade No.3 10
DS.2940.150.15 Macintosh Blade No.2 10
DS.2940.150.10 Macintosh Blade No.1 10
DS.2940.150.05 Macintosh Blade No.0 10
DS.2940.185.25 Miller Blade No.4 10
DS.2940.185.20 Miller Blade No.3 10
DS.2940.185.15 Miller Blade No.2 10
DS.2940.185.10 Miller Blade No.1 10
DS.2940.185.05 Miller Blade No.0 10
DS.2940.185.03 Miller Blade No.00 10
DS.2940.235.10 Robertshaw Blade No.1 10
DS.2940.235.05 Robertshaw Blade No.0 10
DS.2950.105.30 Macintosh LED Blade No.5 10
DS.2950.105.25 Macintosh LED Blade No.4 10
DS.2950.105.20 Macintosh LED Blade No.3 10
DS.2950.105.15 Macintosh LED Blade No.2 10
DS.2950.105.10 Macintosh LED Blade No.1 10
DS.2950.105.05 Macintosh LED Blade No.0 10
DS.2950.185.25 Miller LED Blade No.4 10
DS.2950.185.20 Miller LED Blade No.3 10
DS.2950.185.15 Miller LED Blade No.2 10
DS.2950.185.10 Miller LED Blade No.1 10
DS.2950.185.05 Miller LED Blade No.0 10
DS.2950.185.03 Miller LED Blade No.00 10
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