Airway Management Products

Airway management is a primary consideration in anesthesia, adult critical care, emergency medicine, pediatric and neonatal intensive care and first aid. Our complete airway management range of products includes anesthesia breathing circuits with Sure-Fit components, anesthesia masks with Premium Soft Plus cushions, endotracheal tubes and laryngeal masks with Soft-Seal® cuffs, and SODASORB® carbon dioxide absorbent.

Other Endotracheal Tubes

  1. Siliconised PVC, Oral/Nasal Soft Seal® Cuff Tracheal Tube

    The Siliconised PVC Oral/Nasal Soft Seal® Cuff Tracheal Tube from ICU Medical combines the benefits of the profile cuff design with a larger cuff resting diameter providing the patient with optimum comfort.

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  2. Siliconised PVC, Oral/Nasal Uncuffed Tracheal Tube

    Portex® Siliconised PVC, Oral/Nasal, Uncuffed Tracheal Tube from ICU Medical, is manufactured from implantation tested non toxic Siliconised PVC, which helps to protect the delicate mucosal tissue. These tubes have a comprehensive size range to suit all patients from pediatric to adult.

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  3. Uncuffed Clear PVC North Polar Preformed Murphy Eye Tracheal Tube

    Uncuffed Polar Preformed Endotracheal Tube from ICU Medical is designed to remove the machine end of the tracheal tube away from the patient's mouth thus obviating the need for catheter mounts and bulky connectors near the mouth.

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  4. Uncuffed Clear PVC South Polar Preformed Murphy Eye Tracheal Tube

    The Uncuffed South Polar Preformed Clear PVC, Oral, Murphy Eye Tracheal Tube, from ICU Medical, is suitable for oral, nasal, ophthalmic and facial surgery; offering improved surgical access in numerous situations. Primarily used during head and neck surgery.

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  5. Uncuffed Ivory PVC, Oral/Nasal Tracheal Tube

    Ivory PVC tracheal tubes from ICU Medical provide a direct and unimpeded airway for gases to pass to and from the lungs. These tracheal tubes are firm enough for ease of intubation yet soften when in place to conform to the anatomy of the upper respiratory tract.

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  6. Uncuffed Neonatal/Pediatric Tracheal Tubes

    Portex® uncuffed neonatal/pediatric tracheal tubes from ICU Medical have markings and a vocal cord guide that aids the clinician in determining proper tube placement.

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