Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Accessories

Portex® offers a full line of accessories to meet all your anesthesia needs. A full line of single-use anesthesia breathing circuit components is available including standard and gas sampling connectors, breathing bags, and scavenging tubes. All anesthesia breathing circuit accessories can be purchased separately or included with a custom kit. Our 100% non-latex breathing bags are manufactured to the same specifications as our latex bags. These bags provide latex-free safety and consistent performance characteristics.

Product Benefits

  • Clear Patient Connectors allows for easy monitoring during procedures.
  • Connectors have a 15 mm I.D./22 mm O.D. patient fitting and a 15 mm O.D. circuit fitting.
  • Complies with ISO 5356-1.
  • Breathing Bags, Four sizes: 0.5 L, 1.0 L, 2.0 L, and 3.0 L in either latex (blue) or non-latex (green).
  • Reinforced bushings provide exceptional grip for leak-free attachment to bag mount.

Product Specifications

Latex Breathing Bags with 22 mm I.D. Bushings

Reorder CodeDescriptionUnits Per Case
3215250.5 L Latex Bag25
3216251.0 L Latex Bag25
3217252.0 L Latex Bag25
3218253.0 L Latex Bag25
3228253.0 L Latex Bag with Lipped Bushing25

Non-Conductive Ventilator Tubes with 22 mm Bushings

Reorder CodeDescriptionUnits Per Case
225-3714-80040" (102 cm) Length30
225-3715-80060" (152 cm) Length with Filter20
225-3716-80060" (152 cm) Length20
225-3717-80040" (102 cm) Length with Filter30

Non-Latex Breathing Bags with 22 mm I.D. Bushings

Reorder CodeDescriptionUnits Per Case
6700011.0 L Non-Latex Bag25
6700022.0 L Non-Latex Bag25
6700033.0 L Non-Latex Bag25
6700053.0 L Non-Latex Bag with Lipped Bushing25
6700120.5 L Non-Latex Bag25

Patient Connectors

Reorder CodeDescriptionUnits Per Case
225-3507-800Standard Elbow (clear)50
225-3523-804Gas Sampling Elbow (clear)50
225-3524-804Gas Sampling Straight Connector (clear)50

Scavenging (Gas Evacuation) Reservoir Bag with 19 mm Bushings

3.0 L Latex Bag

Reorder CodeUnits Per Case

Scavenging (Gas Evacuation) Tubing with 19 mm Bushings

60" (152 cm) Length

Reorder CodeUnits Per Case
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