All U.S. Hospitals Now Have Access to Groundbreaking Infusion Management Solution

August 09, 2021

Ivenix and Smiths Medical Infusion Pumps

Smiths Medical and Ivenix partnership brings a comprehensive suite of award-winning, best-in-class infusion management technologies that modernize clinical efficiency at the bedside and improves infusion delivery and critical-decision making

Traditional large volume infusion systems today are antiquated, and their core designs were developed in an era that predates smartphones. They lack the speed, accuracy, and the interoperability hospitals need to help deliver optimal patient care in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. As a result, hospitals and health systems have been forced to implement labor-intensive workarounds to keep up with today’s patient care needs, potentially putting patient’s lives at risk.

Significant safety issues related to infusion pumps have been reported to the FDA, and infusion-related errors cost billions annually. In fact:

  • In a multi-site study 60% of smart pump infusions had one or more errors associated with administration2
  • Infusion-related adverse drug events cost the healthcare system more than $2 billion annually3

Smiths Medical and Ivenix – two powerhouses in the infusion management space, are combining resources to redefine infusion management. With an infusion system designed from the ground up with patient safety in mind, hospitals can now prevent potential medication errors, strengthen patient care, modernize clinical efficiency at the bedside and maximize revenue.

The partnership of these companies is generating remarkable customer interest with a number of hospitals actively adopting this modern technology.

“For two decades, a technological drought in infusion advancements has left hospitals in the lurch with burdensome workarounds and systems that effectively prevent superior care across the patient continuum,” said Ivenix CEO Jorgen B. Hansen. “Built from the ground up to meet the latest FDA standards and ISMP guidelines, our collective system effectively ends that drought.”

“Together, we are ushering in a new era of infusion delivery – one that’s intuitive and easy to implement,” said JehanZeb Noor, Smiths Medical CEO. “Combined with the strong brands of Medfusion® and CADD®, the partnership now offers a state-of-the-art large-volume pump, providing facilities with a complete infusion solution. The Ivenix Infusion System is available today in the US. More information on the partnership is available here.

One partner for your infusion therapy needs

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