Portex® ULTRAperc® Single Stage Dilator Technique Kits with Blue Line Ultra® or Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® Tracheostomy Tube.

The Ultraperc® single stage dilation percutaneous tracheostomy kits utilise the widely accepted Seldinger guide wire technique. The kits are available with the innovative and popular Blue Line Ultra® or Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® tracheostomy tubes.

Product Benefits

  • Blue Line Ultra® Tube features tapered tip, soft clear flange and Soft Seal® cuff
  • Unique Blue Line Ultra® introducer eases passage of tube into stoma minimising trauma
  • Ergonomic handle design on single stage dilator
  • Tube 15mm connector allows connection to breathing system or heat and moisture exchanger
  • Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® Tube combines all benefits of Blue Line Ultra® Tubes and features an intergated suction lumen for easy removal of pooled secretions above the cuff
  • Designed for safe, rapid and controlled procedure either by the bedside or in theatre
  • Full procedure pack for convenience and to avoid delays
  • Also available without a tracheostomy tube

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