Orion Timesco Standard Light Fitting Reusable Laryngoscope Systems

Combining Quality and Reliability.

All reusable blades and handles exceed internationally recognised standards and provide years of trouble free use. They are fully autoclavable and covered by an extensive guarantee

Product Benefits

Orion Timesco Standard Light Fitting Laryngoscope Systems are intended to aid in successful intubations by providing:

  • Safety; the Orion range is colour coded with black dots on the blades and black bands on the handles. This is for ease of identification that it is a standard light system
  • Security; the laryngoscope blade tip elevates the epiglottis with minimal force and reduces the possibility of damage to teeth

Product Features

Orion Timesco handles are fully autoclavable, reusable, conventional fitting handles for use with Europa blades. They are fully autoclavable and are available in Medium, Small and Stubby size

Standard light, conventional ISO 7376 fitting compatible with both conventional fitting reusable and single use blades

Knurled handle design provides excellent grip

Product Specifications

Orion Timesco Reusable Standard Light Fitting Laryngoscope Handles

Reorder Code Description. Quantity
2905.300.05 Dry Cell handle, Small AA, Requires 2 AA batteries 1
2905.300.10 Dry Cell handle, Medium C, Requires 2 C batteries 1
2905.308.10 Dry Cell handle, Stubby AA, Requires 2 AA batteries 1

Europa Timesco Disposable Standard Light Fitting Blades

Reorder Code Description. Quantity
DS.2940.150.30 Macintosh Blade No.5 10
DS.2940.150.25 Macintosh Blade No.4 10
DS.2940.150.20 Macintosh Blade No.3 10
DS.2940.150.15 Macintosh Blade No.2 10
DS.2940.150.10 Macintosh Blade No.1 10
DS.2940.150.05 Macintosh Blade No.0 10
DS.2940.185.25 Miller Blade No.4 10
DS.2940.185.20 Miller Blade No.3 10
DS.2940.185.15 Miller Blade No.2 10
DS.2940.185.10 Miller Blade No.1 10
DS.2940.185.05 Miller Blade No.0 10
DS.2940.185.03 Miller Blade No.00 10
DS.2940.235.10 Robertshaw Blade No.1 10
DS.2940.235.05 Robertshaw Blade No.0 10
DS.2950.105.30 Macintosh LED Blade No.5 10
DS.2950.105.25 Macintosh LED Blade No.4 10
DS.2950.105.20 Macintosh LED Blade No.3 10
DS.2950.105.15 Macintosh LED Blade No.2 10
DS.2950.105.10 Macintosh LED Blade No.1 10
DS.2950.105.05 Macintosh LED Blade No.0 10
DS.2950.185.25 Miller LED Blade No.4 10
DS.2950.185.20 Miller LED Blade No.3 10
DS.2950.185.15 Miller LED Blade No.2 10
DS.2950.185.10 Miller LED Blade No.1 10
DS.2950.185.05 Miller LED Blade No.0 10
DS.2950.185.03 Miller LED Blade No.00 10

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