Ventilation Products

Smiths Medical's Pneupac® transport ventilators are trusted by first-responders, paramedics and emergency medicine physicians worldwide. Pneupac® ventilators are manufactured to the industry highest standards of quality, reliability and durability, and they are backed with comprehensive service and support programs designed to maintain peak operation.

Other Mechanical Ventilation

  1. CircuVent® Ventilator Support Products

    Until now, providing aerosolized medications to mechanically ventilated patients meant removing the HME/HCH - a procedure that can increase the risk of alveolar derecruitment, drying of airway secretions, and contamination to both patients and clinicians. Now you can reduce these risks with new CircuVent - the breakthrough device that lets you provide aerosol without breaking the circuit!

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  2. Pneupac babyPAC Ventilator

    babyPAC is specially designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs with precision and confidence, whether in neonatal intensive care or in the difficult circumstances of transport

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  3. Pneupac VR1

    The Pneupac VR1 is a is a portable mechanical ventilator/resuscitator for medical personnel in the hospital, ambulance, fire, and police services, and also for use in industrial and commercial markets. Mechanical ventilation in these environments is often a life-saving intervention.

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  4. Single Use Patient Circuit Kits

    View our Single Use Patient Circuit Kits from our Mechanical Ventilation range and our well known Pneupac brand.

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  5. Swivel adapters

    Pneupac® from ICU Medical offers a variety of swivel adapters to meet your needs. All Pneupac® swivel adapters are latex-free.

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  6. UltraSet®

    Flexible UltraSet circuit connectors from ICU Medical are designed to minimize flow resistance while maintaining low dead space.

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  7. Volume Ventilator Circuits

    View our Volume Ventilator Circuits from our Mechanical Ventilation range and our well known Portex brand.

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