GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needles

We developed the GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needles by carefully listening to you and understanding your needs. You told us that safe, effective needlestick protection was critical for your safety and that comfort was important to your patients. And you want a needle to be very easy to learn and use, and every bit as reliable and familiar as the proven GRIPPER® Needle.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 12

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Benefits

  • GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needles

    • Easy to use
    • Hands behind the needle
    • Audible and visual confirmation of safety
    • Minimal change to technique
    • Non-DEHP plasticised tubing - Latex-free
    • Needleless access connector for safe, easy needle-free access
  • Outstanding support is also right at your fingertips.

    • Learning Challenge in printed format
    • Train the Trainer Education
    • Group In-services
    • Clinical and technical assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Clinician and patient educational support.
    • Reimbursement assistance and information.
Product Specifications

GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needle Luer Active Needleless Y-site

Reorder CodeGaugeLength (mm)
21-2960-24225/8 in/16 mm
21-2961-2422¾ in/19 mm
21-2962-24221 in/25 mm
21-2963-24221¼ in/32 mm
21-2964-24205/8 in/16 mm
21-2965-2420¾ in/19 mm
21-2966-24201 in/25 mm
21-2967-24201¼ in/32 mm
21-2968-2419¾ in/19 mm
21-2969-24191 in/25 mm
21-2970-24191¼ in/32 mm

GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needle Non Y-site

Reorder CodeGaugeLength (mm)
21-2760-24221 in/25 mm
21-2761-24221¼ in/32 mm
21-2762-24201 in/25 mm
21-2763-24201¼ in/32 mm
21-2764-24191 in/25 mm
21-2765-24191¼ in/32 mm
21-2766-2422¾ in/19 mm
21-2767-2420¾ in/19 mm
21-2768-2419¾ in/19 mm
21-2769-24205/8 in/16 mm
21-2770-24225/8 in/16 mm

GRIPPER PLUS® Safety Needle Split Septum Y-site

Reorder CodeGaugeLength (mm)
21-2860-24225/8 in/16mm
21-2861-24223/4 in/19mm
21-2862-24221 in/25 mm
21-2863-24221¼ in/32 mm
21-2864-24205/8 in/16mm
21-2865-24203/4 in/19mm
21-2866-24201 in/25 mm
21-2867-24201 1/4 in/32 mm
21-2868-2419¾ in/19 mm
21-2869-24191 in/25 mm
21-2870-24191 1/4 in/32 mm

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