Point-Lok® Needle Protection Device

Point-Lok® devices provide effective protection for needles from 16 - 30g that do not have an integral engineered sharps injury protection (ESIP) device. It is available separately, or can be packaged in Portex® Arterial Blood Sampling kits, pain management and other procedural trays.

Product Benefits

  • Stand-alone needle protection device designed to lock onto and secure a contaminated needle.
  • Meets the Federal Register definition of an Engineering Control

Product Specifications

Point-Lok® Device

Reorder Code Description
4139 Bulk Pack (Non-Sterile) - Case of 1000; 10 bags of 100
4143 Bulk Pack (Non-Sterile). Case of 3000. 3 Boxes of 1000
4244 Sterile Pack - Case of 500; 100 packs of 5 (not available in Canada)

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