Venipuncture Needle-Pro® Safety Device

The Venipuncture Needle-Pro® device is designed to protect clinicians from exposure to contaminated blood collection needles. The holder-based safety device provides protection on both ends and prevents holder re-use, assuring compliance with OSHA directives.

Product Benefits

  • Meets NIOSH/CDC recommendations for safety devices
    • The safety feature is an integral part of the device.
    • The safety feature engages with a single-handed technique.
    • The clinician’s hands and fingers remain behind the exposed sharp at all times.
    • The clinician can easily tell whether the safety feature is activated.
    • The needle is securely locked inside the safety device and remains protective through disposal.
  • Holder-based safety minimizes back-end exposures by preventing needle removal and holder re-use, compliant with OSHA directives
  • Safety device engages the blood draw needle upon activation
  • Compatible with Jelco® blood collection needles

Product Specifications

Venipuncture Needle-Pro® Device

Reorder CodeDescription
4140Individual Bages (40 bags of 25); Case of 1000
4141Bulk Pack (2 bags of 500); Case of 1000
4142Dispenser Box (5 boxes of 100); Case of 500

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